• > € 650,000 prize money per month

  • > 12.5 million FB game installations

  • > 400,000 games played per day

  • > 2 million FB likes

Who we are?

m2p entertainment Ltd. is located in Luton, England. The parent company m2p entertainment GmbH is headquartered in Germany, in the heart of the Ruhr area. As a developer, we have made it our goal to create special gaming experiences for our customers. Our main focus lies on the games portal m2p.com. Since 2008, the portal has gained several hundred thousand registered players who are using more than 30 high-quality, distinct games of skill. Moreover, we develop popular social and mobile games for current platforms - including the social network facebook.


We develop computer games, in particular for the skill-gaming platform m2p.com. These games are so-called games of skill. A game of skill is one where the users' skills and practice are the main factors of success. All of the games at m2p.com are based on up-to-date technology, and will be continually adapted to future developments. Furthermore, the high quality and security of our customer data are very important to us for all m2p games.

Social Games

Facebook is currently the largest social network, and offers its users a variety of content. In addition to games of skill, m2p entertainment also provides social games for facebook. With more than six million installed games, the company ranks among the top 10 developers in Europe. Naturally, as with our other games, we aim to provide users with the best possible gaming experience and win their enthusiasm for m2p games.

Everything from a Single Source

The development of Flash and social games is handled entirely by our own teams. In order to meet our own high standards, m2p employs an experienced and creative staff. Our teams ensure that the highest possible quality is maintained from the development all the way to customer support, and that customers know just why they play our games. From concepts to 2D sketches, 3D rendering, programming, and security - everything comes from a single source.

m2p Entertainment Office
m2p Entertainment Office
m2p Entertainment Office
m2p Entertainment Logo

What we do?


Maintenance and further development of the skill-gaming platform m2p.com, development and implementation of "white label" solutions for cooperation partners, GUI design, development of portals and applications in the following programming environments:
Ruby on Rails, PHP / MySQL, C#, ActionScript 3 and HaXe

Game Development
Game Development

Single-Player and Multiplayer Games
Conception, implementation, and programming of Flash games
Conception, development, and implementation of unique and distinct characters, complete with 2D/3D visualisation in HTML 5 and ActionScript programming.

Development Tools

Conception, development, and implementation of facebook applications; scalable servers (performance + costs) through load-balancing in the Cloud.

Mobile & Apps
Mobile & Apps

Creation of applications for mobile platforms in the following programming environments:
HTML 5, Objective C, Java, .NET

Operation Systems

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m2p Games

m2p Games
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Crazy Bunny Ludo

Crazy Bunny Ludo
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Write us an email to: info@m2p.com

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